Why This Blog?

Hello everyone!

I started this blog because I just wanted some place to be accountable for my health and fitness changes, and where I feel free to talk about them as much as I want. I have a lifestyle blog, which is my home in the blogosphere, but when I would I do something to be fit and healthy I would find I wanted to blog about it and I felt like if I blogged more than once a week I was neglecting something else... or I wanted to blog about something else and neglected my health goals, since I need accountability.

After I moved to India at the end of November 2012 (I'm an American ex pat living in America) the weight started coming off. I'm guessing it was just the food is healthier here, both in general content (i.e. more veggies, pretty much no red meat) as well as preparation (we don't eat nearly as much processed food, not so much toxic packaging, and the meat isn't chock full of hormones, steroids and antibiotics!) Once I realized the weight as coming off I began making a mild effort to get healthier.

Starting this blog was part of that.

As of mid April, the first time I got to a scale I'd lost 13 pounds. I already knew I'd lost more than three inches around my waist!

That was really encouraging, so I've been doing more since then.

But this blog isn't just about weight loss. It's about health.

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and apparently an under active thyroid. So I talk about those things as well. The challenges, treatments, emotions, etc.

With all of this I talk about fitness and diet.  I have begun the lifestyle change diet called the 5:2, and I will definitely talk about different fitness challenges!

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