Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Normal Post

Okay so to do a "normal" post... though I'm still deciding what a normal post should be like...

I'll blog about yesterday, Saturday January 12th.

Exercise Log: I did a ten minute workout using a "daily workout" app on my one. I also tried to consciously move more when I was doing stuff (like dancing around while playing with my phone.)

Food: Yesterday for breakfast I had chicken biryani (leftover dinner) and chai (tea brewed in milk) with sugar. I also had a banana.
For lunch we had mince (goat) made with potatoes, over daal (lentils with oil, tomatoes, and spices) and rice.
For a snack I had chai and a paratha (a form of bread) with jam.
For dinner I had sabji (vegetables- in this case green beans, tomatoes, and potatoes), daal, mince and potatoes, with a small amount of rice and some parathas.

I started using a weight loss app called Noom yesterday.

More excitedly... we got our dog yesterday! We chose to name her Nellie.

I am excited to start down this journey with you... and Nellie!

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