Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why a New Blog?

Me, out running the C25K
I decided to launch a new blog revolving around health and fitness.


Because a blog is a great way of having accountability when it comes to fitness.

Because the subject is very niche-y, and I think it'd be easier to maintain, and gain encouragement from, outside of the Songs on the Way.

Because I don't want to flood the Songs on the Way with too many daily posts. My rule of thumb is try to blog daily (but five or six times a week is okay), never blog more than twice daily, and try to only blog twice a day twice or less a week. But the truth is, when I tried to blog about fitness when I was doing the Couch to  5K or something, I'd find myself forgetting, or having another post idea that was more pressing to the vision of the Songs on the Way, and I got off track.

Because there are these awesome things called tabs, so I can link to this blog from the Songs on the Way and to the Songs on the Way from this blog, so they're not entirely separate.


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