Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Health Update

Okay, so I didn't do another update because I was sick! Again.

This time it was an infection in the lungs caused by allergies. I had a high fever pretty much non stop for five days and was coughing endlessly... well not endlessly because my cough is more manageable now but at the worse I remember there being four continuous minutes where I hadn't coughed and me being like "Wow. This feels amazing." (Probably needless to say I didn't diet or exercise while so out of it. I could barely make it to the bathroom!)

I took meds and am still on the allergy ones. It's probably something blooming and I hope it will stop soon.

All this happened simultaneously with my period, of course. TMI Warning. I filled up ten heavy flow tampons in 13 hours at the height of it. And that's not including the leak through.

Continuing the tmi for the moment I had my pap smear and it was painful and I 'bled to the touch' because of severe cervical erosion... but it came back negative for malignancy, so that's good.

Okay, as for the thyroid issues I took a test for my t4 levels, tsh, and thyroid antibodies. My t4 is normal. My tsh has come down, but not enough. And I have high thyroid antibody levels. Likely, from what I understand this probably means I'll need a higher dose of synthetic thyroid. I see the endocrinologist later in the week.

I've never seen an endocrinologist before so that will be good. PCOS is an endocrin disorder and so are thyroid issues so it should be good. I just hope he prescribes medicines and not more tests. I am sick of tests.

And lastly for the happy news... I have lost a significant amount of weight. Significant.

But I'll share more when I do the diet update!

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