Monday, April 21, 2014

Long Overdue Update

Okay so I'm a total flop with keeping up with this blog since I got pregnant. Actively trying to lose weight really had me thinking of this blog more often.

However, I am definitely still frequently thinking of my health and obviously the health of my unborn baby!

I am cheerfully 34 weeks now and getting excited!

I had an infection at 25 weeks that caused bleeding and had to go to the hospital. I was admitted for two days and released on strict bed rest. So strict that I couldn't sit in a chair and as we don't have a laptop and our desk wasn't set up I couldn't really get online to blog on either blog, even if I had concerned myself with that.

After two weeks I was approved to sit up reclining and I started blogging again on my main blog, but I hadn't really given this one any thought. After a month of strict bed rest I was put on modified, which I am still on. However, if I have a good ultrasound next week I should be taken off bed rest completely!! I am getting happy at that prospect.

Aside from the infection and subsequent bleeding (I had two episodes, the big one and then a week later I started spotting because I had completed the meds they'd put me on, so I had to go back on the anti-bleeding medication for another two weeks) I have had a good pregnancy. The baby him/herself has never shown any indication of distress or ill health, it's just been my body. The infection had gotten into my cervix and uterus and irritated the placenta. As of my last appointment though my placenta had fully healed. My cervix had been a bit open (from my body trying to expel the infection) but it has since closed.

I am not totally infection free, however. While the antibiotics they had me on seemed to kill that specific infection, it gave me a yeast infection. Then when I was trying to cure that, I got what appeared to be another bacterial infection. Then another yeast. All these were comparably mild and I was trying to treat them with topical medications (that my doctor prescribed.)

Then my last routine blood and urine samples came back and while I do not have the big bads (gestational diabetes or preeclampsia) I do I have a urinary tract infection. I was put on an antibiotic and because I was mentioning my down there was still not happy, I got one anti-fungal dose as well...

I got really excited because by the end of the 5 day treatment my vaginal discharge seemed normal!! For really the first time the entire pregnancy!!

I wasn't sure about my urinary tract infection though. I had a feeling it wasn't quite gone... I was right. When I went for a urinalysis to check it, I still had an infection... there were also "epiphelial cells' and crystals so when I called my OB with the results instead of giving me an antibiotic she wants me to get another urine test done. I admit I was really upset about that and cried. I just want the antibiotic to get the stupid infection gone. I can tell by the way I feel that my bladder isn't feeling normal and the UTI is still there. Perhaps the sample was a bit contaminated, I'm not sure, but if it was it's just from my vaginal discharge.. which has gone back to being abnormal.

I am so sick of infections!!! An infection crept up inside my body, into my womb and tried to kill my baby!! Just give me the darn antibiotics! Agh!

I couldn't get to the lab on Sunday and then on Monday I crashed. I haven't slept well in a while with the pregnancy keeping me up in many ways: having to pee, baby kicking, indigestion, etc. So yesterday my body just shut me down and I slept 14 hours straight and right through the time I'd be able to get to the lab to give a urine sample.

So I am supposed to be going this morning for the urine test. I am waiting for my in-laws to pick me up. I thought they'd be here at least 20 minutes ago and since I want to get in, grab a urine cup, pee and leave I'd had a bunch of water... now I'm ready to burst and they still aren't here and it'll be at least 15 minutes when they get here before I can get to a rest room. Sigh.

So that's what's going on with my health. Oh, weight wise I"ve gained some. Not that much. Between 6-10 pounds I think. I haven't weighed myself in over a week. I'm just fine on track.

My next appointment is next week and it's my last ultrasound. They'll give me a size estimate and see if the baby has moved into the correct position yet. I'll try to remember to come and give you an update when they do!

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