Thursday, September 11, 2014


I actually wrote this a couple weeks ago and just saw that I forgot to publish it! I think I was waiting for a photo. Since then my scale battery died so I'm not sure if I'm bigger, smaller, or the same. I do mean to exercise more. I was going to start an exercise program on Sept 1st with my husband, but he backed out. I should do it alone, but I haven't yet. I have gone walking though. Anyway, here is the post:
body selfies are hard, but here's my face you
can see how much slimmer it is!

I weighed myself this morning and am now the smallest weight I have EVER BEEN at my adult


This has really put a fire under me to do more. I had tried to exercise more at 6 to 7 weeks after giving birth, but had found myself still very weak and sore. I met a new friend a few weeks ago who likes to go walking, so I've gone walking with her a few times a week since then. Also my baby (nicknamed "Dreamer") really likes to be bounced and walked so I've been active in my home in a way I wasn't before actively soothing her.

However, I haven't really been formally exercising much. I want to change that, especially as since I am breastfeeding I can't really diet (though I can make sure I'm not over eating.)

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