Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Getting Fit Again

Hey neglected blog!

I have been making attempts at getting fit.  So here's how the weight loss journey has gone:

Six weeks after my daughter was born I hit my all time lowest weight at my adult height, and I was 60 pounds down from my moving to India

Before she was three months old this horrible thing we'll call breastfeeding hunger kicked in.

By the time she was a year I'd gained thirty pounds: half the weight back. I tried to lose, but was still breastfeeding and basically just wavered up and down five pounds or so the next six months, but at least stopped the gain.

When she was 18 months we went to America for the first time in three years just in time for the the holidays! I didn't restrict my eating at first and gained 15 pounds in a month! I then tried to exercise control and did slow the gain down but I gained another 15 pounds over the next four months in America and was back to my original weight by the time I returned to India in May.

As she turned two, feeling pretty upset about my weight gain, I decided to throw myself back in weight loss. I am still breastfeeding even to this day but at two years old I decided I really didn't mind if my supply dries up. I had been holding back before that in my efforts due to that fear.

I lost 15 pounds within a month of starting trying. But then I got sick, then thought I was pregnant and stopped trying to lose weight until I knew for sure (I wasn't.) Then I was struggling to get back into it and I got sick again, which brings us to the present day.

I am recovering from bronchitis and am still steady at the fifteen pounds down from the top, but want to not only get back to where I was when my daughter was 6 weeks but possibly get beyond that. However, as may be guessed by the pregnancy scare we are considering going for a second kid so I don't really think I'll get down all that way before getting pregnant again. However I was actually 23 pounds heavier when I conceived her then I was at her 6 weeks post part, so I am setting that weight at my goal for now. If I am the same weight conceiving the second as when I conceived her, then I hopefully can't get too much worse...

So like I said, I am recovering from bronchitis. But I am looking at doing a once weekly post on here again to keep me accountable.

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